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What to do in Hydra in 3 days
Are you looking for what to do in Hydra in 3 days? Previously, we gave you 10 reasons to visit Hydra Island. Now, we expand this series of articles with activities you can do in the island. In a magical place like Hydra, which is full of natural and cultural beauties, a various amount of […]
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Hydra: The laid-back Greek island
  Sailing into the small saronic island of Hydra in early summer, the unrivaled colour I see is yellow. The port – a perfect horseshoe – backs into a high amphitheater dotted with 18th-century mariners’ mansions painted citrine, picked out now by the morning sun. It is a Rip Van Winkle town, cute-warm and coiled […]
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Hydra the Cosmopolitan
  Hydra can attract anyone with its beauty that lays in every corner of this little charming island. Its architecture, alleys and nature are unique and beautiful as shown on the linked video.  
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