August 2018

What to do in Hydra in 3 days

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Are you looking for what to do in Hydra in 3 days?

Previously, we gave you 10 reasons to visit Hydra Island. Now, we expand this series of articles with activities you can do in the island.

In a magical place like Hydra, which is full of natural and cultural beauties, a various amount of activities can be organized.

It would be illogical, then, for someone to visit such a beautiful place and not try the unique experiences it can offer.

In this post we will show you some organized activities to try in order to make your holidays in Hydra unforgettable.


Day 1

The first thing the visitors of the island see is the famous port of Hydra. To walk on it is an experience on its own. The architecture of the whitewashed buildings and the amphitheatrical placing of them will amaze you along with the clock tower of the metropolis.


After a short walk, you can cool yourself in the beaches of the island with their crystal clear waters. For example, Saint Nicolas beach, in which you may go by a private taxi boat, is an excellent choice to visit and swim.


Afterwards, at a later hour when the sun will begin to set, a horse riding activity will be the perfect ending to a full day. Either in the monastery of Saint Matrona or the church of Saint Constantin, the routes are amazing and the view from those spots will take your breath away.


Day 2

If you are interested about the history of the island, you have the chance to visit the Historical Museum of the Island along with the ecclesiastical museum. Their archives are rich with information of the Greek Rebellion of 1821. In order to absorb and learn more information but also make it more interesting we would suggest to take part to a historic city tour organized by our guide partners. They will take you to places and eras very important for our small island.


Afterwards, a very exciting activity you should try is a boat tour around the island in the morning. If you do not feel like waking up early, a small boat tour in the sunset is what you need. You have the opportunity to choose one that fits your program better or, why not, both.


Day 3

Your last day would be wasted without visiting another beach. A very good option for your last day would be “Plakes” beach. There you will find sunbeds, umbrellas, a bar and a tavern. This way you can spend your whole morning or midday in one pleasant place.


Photo from the walking and painting activity.

Last, but not least, a truly unique activity our office offers you is the “Walking and Painting” activity in which a painter will take you to magnificent places in Hydra Island to paint the view. Not only you will enjoy the trip but you will end up with a memorabilia of your stay in Hydra.


The above activities are just some of the whole array we can suggest and provide you. Of course, you can choose whichever you want. One thing is for certain though. The experiences you will acquire will be unforgettable!


For any additional information about how to spend your time in our island, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the details you might need.