Accomodation List

It is located in the area of Avlaki, 10 minutes on foot from the harbor, in a quiet area.
The reasons you will love my space are the comfortable surroundings, high ceilings and amazing views. Not just one veranda, but two! SUNSET private verandas with pergola of winetree for shadow to take your breakfast or lunch.
Built out of natural stone, following the traditional architecture of Hydra, this house was intended for personal use, and as such, everything here has been designed with the utmost care and love.
Top choice in Hydra. House Aquata boasts elegant, sophisticated design and stunning views of Hydra and the Aegean Sea. It also has a furnished garden and a rooftop terrace.
A traditional home, with panoramic views of the sea at sunset, Kaminia village and the surrounding countryside. Built on two levels with large living spaces that can comfortably accommodate 6 people. Ideal for summer and winter holidays.