Photo of the Yoga instructor.

Natural Medicine Practitioner & Internationally Accredited Yoga Teacher

“Discover your real sacred power, breathe the true essence of life going out of your comfort zone where the magic happens.”

I’m Dheva, Natural Medicine Practitioner, Internationally Accredited Yoga Teacher & Performer Artist traveler who has lived, trained and worked in India for a long time. In India and in some special area worldwide I learned knowledge and ancient techniques from some precious Masters like Dr.Harikrishnan Mohansunitha and Sri BNS lyengar in Mysore.

Our body is a mirror of our life and the whole of our body is connected and unable to be divide.

I combine Western and Eastern techniques (with a particular Oriental focus and Education ) such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, Shiatsu, Nutrition, Reflexology, and my special Thai Massage & Acupressure treatment, always tailored to the individual’s need to re-balance the whole body, take care about some particular disease, get rid from stress and pain or simply to feel happy, blissful and relaxed.

Regarding my Yoga sessions & Retreats be sure that I will not teach you anything that is not already within you…
You need just to rock your vibes and light up your inner sparkle with just one powerful conscious breath in a body, soul and mind oneness space.