Dimitris Fousekis

The photo of our walking and painting guide.

Dimitris is a freelance illustrator. He collaborates with design studios, publishers, and advertising agencies and is a member of the Parachute Font design team (www.parachutefonts.com).

His illustrations are also featured in museums, such as the Papingo (WWF) and Tinos (Marblecraft) museums in Greece.

Since 2003, Dimitris has focused on illustrating books, mainly for children.

His latest artistic explorations have led to the co-production of Mystery Smiles, a children’s book series developed in collaboration with author Nicholas C. Rossis (www.nicholasrossis.me).

Since 2010, he has lived and worked on the Greek island of Hydra, where he has organized Art Workshops for children and adults, funded and supported by the non-profit organization Hydragogy (www.hydragogy.gr). The Art courses are structured in such a way as to encourage the individual skills and personal expression of the participants through fun group exercises and team experimentation. The ultimate goal is to help students connect creatively with the world around us.

The workshops take place in the open, in different spots around this beautiful island.