1 hour 30 mins

The Historical Archive - Museum of Hydra (IAMY) is a place where you can lose yourself in the history of the island.

7 hours

Experience a day of fishing in the open sea with our "Boat Fishing" activity.
Explore the island and combine walking, swimming, and drawing/painting in Hydra's picturesque town and stunning countryside.
Enjoy a relaxing horse ridding around Hydra. Pick your destination and go.
Explore Argolis, the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
For the tennis fans who also want to combine the play with an excursion.
Set off on your own personalised tour in Hydra, where a guide takes you where you want to go.

2 hours

Artists, musicians and other artists from all over the world who lived in Hydra, contributed with their spirit, their lifestyles and their ideological concerns to the creation of a special atmosphere on the island.

3 hours 30 minutes

Our desire is to take you on a relaxed stroll around the town linking the monuments and buildings to the history of the island for you.
This hike follows the sea past numerous swimming beaches, so take your swimsuit.
The trail is delightfully varied in terrain, vistas, and vegetation. Bring lots of water and a nice lunch.
For a bird's eye view of the island, a great way to orient yourself, and the best hike for hot months, start with the forest-shaded climb to the Profitis Ilias Monastery-the white compound perched on the highest hill above the town, viewable only while approaching the island.
Come and taste the absolute freedom inside the crystal clean waters of Hydra.

1 hour 30 mins

Art, history and architecture converge on Hydra making this island unique.
Enjoy a relaxing horse ridding around Hydra. Pick your destination and go.