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The Historical Archive – Museum of Hydra (IAMY) is a place where you can lose yourself in the history of the island.

The many historical artifacts will leave you breathless with all their glory, their story, their uniqueness.

You will explore the life of famous Hydriots, like Miaoulis, Kountouriotis and many more. You will see personal items of their collection, you will learn how this small rock came to be, you will live the historical past of Hydra yourself and with the help of our guide it is guaranteed you won’t be lost with all the information that are packed in the building.

The Holy Church of the Dormition of Theotokos
-The Legendary “Monastiri”-
and the Ecclesiastical Museum

It was founded in the mid-17th century by a nun who came to the island from Kythnos.

With her own expenses, she built the monastic complex and its church, which is dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos. It became a men’s monastery. The church of the Monastery of Faneromeni followed the example of the post-Byzantine ecclesiastical architectural tradition. It is, in other words, a three-aisled basilica with a dome, which is the most common type of church both in mainland Greece and in the islands. The church’s decoration is spectacular.

The visitor will marvel at the marble chancel screen (work of the hieromonk Gabriel), the remarkable portable icons, the ornate vigil lights and the splendid chandeliers. The monastery possessed a significant number of codices, and also printed books.
The monastery contributed greatly on one hand to education (founding, operating and maintaining a school, etc.) and on the other hand to the Greek War of Independence in 1821 (operating as a decision-making center). This is attested to by the fact that a branch of the Town Hall of Hydra belongs to the Monastery of Faneromeni, and operates to this day within its premises! The monastery was abolished in 1833 with a decree of the Regency, becoming a parish church.

Among the many and important heirlooms of the church are the miraculous icon of Panaghia Faneromeni, Panaghia of Malikis, the holy relics of Aghios Konstantinos of Hydra and the Great Martyr Eustace, as well as those of many other saints, and also the ornate cross from Constantinople, which contains part of the Holy Cross. The visitors will also marvel at the monastery’s two intricate campaniles, works of 1806 and 1874 respectively.

A plethora of heirlooms (icons, habits, woodcarvings, manuscripts, holly utensils, etc.) are kept at the Ecclesiastical Museum of Hydra “Aghios Makarios Notaras.” The museum opened to the public in 1999. In 2005 it was officially inaugurated by the late Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens. The museum is open in the months between April and October, between 10:00-14:00.

The church and the museum are located at the center of the island.

The listing price is valid for groups consisting of at least 6 people.

For less than 6 participants the price is adjusted to 35 euro per person.

Special prices apply for students and children.

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